April 21, 2021

CBSE Exam Cancellation – What Are Parent’s Concerns

Amidst the Covid- 19 -second wave outbreak, people have been affected mentally, psychologically and financially. Seeing the up rise in the covid cases the government has announced a lockdown in many states.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to postpone class 12 exams and cancel class 10 board exams 2021. Parents and students have been in affix from a long time, and now they got a decision for the exams. As there has been a relief to parents regarding their child’s safety, some are concerned about the marking scheme after the cancellation of exams. As the 10th board’s exam got cancelled, 12th boards have been postponed to June.

CBSE decided marks would be given on the basis of internals and practical. There are some parents worried regarding the future of their children, as marking on the basis of internals does not seems fair to them. Where students are rejoicing the cancellation and postponement of exams, there are only some who can see the cons of this decision, The learning have completely stopped for children in this online times Parents are worried with the average marking from internals and practical, they feel their child’s score this way would become quite low. There are doubts prevailing in minds of students and parents as well that whether this kind of learning will give them any success in future or not. Will their degrees be acceptable in future?

The rise of corona has stopped the learning of students. Students have not been able to concentrate properly on their learning due to online studies. Children who are planning to give competitive exams might suffer the most with this cancelation of exams as average markings for their boards, can put them in a danger.

Where one side parents are content that their children are safe, on the other hand they are also worried as to what kind of learning and knowledge kids are actually gaining.

The future of these children is not quite clear and bright, which is worrisome. Exams are not just for testing knowledge but also for making they realize the value of hard work and learning. How to handle exam stress, exam anxiety and pressure is a major necessity and these students are getting deprived of that.

Parents are happy and anxious together about what will this year hold and how will it affect the lives of their children. Is the government decision correct? This is an ongoing debate between a safe life for the youth and a better future for the youth, and surely both cannot be gained in this dangerous time.

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