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Comprehensive Career Mentor Certification

Learn the art of mentoring from 4,000+ practitioners and be the helping hand to these individuals.

Become a Certified Mentor

The Perks


Mentor Certification is a program designed to teach you the essential techniques to be an effective mentor. With the training that we offer, you can be the best mentor for your mentees.


Join us on our mission to create a world of mentors and change managers who, together, can make a difference in society and make the world a better place.


Get recognition for your plethora of mentoring knowledge and contribution. Build relationships with other mentors and help each other grow as individuals and professionals.


Gain monetary benefits while guiding the next generation to a brighter to a bright future and help professionals find the path to true happiness and satisfaction.

Trusted by Mentors and Mentees all around the world.

Dheya attracts passion-driven and highly ambitious mentors that are looking to grow in their careers, businesses, learnings and earnings while contributing to Nation building.

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Join our growing mentor community

Career Mentoring  isn’t an easy task. At its core, being a Dheya Mentor is becoming a trusted advisor, not just for the student or the professional but for the family altogether. It is not a one-time activity or a “Consultancy at a fee”. It is about leaving a life-long impact on an individual. If that sounds like you, Dheya is the perfect fit. 

  • A mentor/mentee relationship should last for years if not a lifetime. Career Mentoring should not be restricted to one small meeting. Dheya believes in the concept of “Mentor for Life”. Our core focus in a mentor-mentee relationship is bringing out the key strengths of an individual and aligning them in such a way that the mentee prospers in his career for the rest of his life. 

  • Our vast mentor network includes engineers, researchers, writers, marketers, Defence Personnel, Government Employees, School Principals, Career Counsellors, Psychologists, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Financial Planners, Bloggers, Freelancers, and consultants from leading companies along with startups and mid-sized enterprises too.

  • Our mentors come from 20+ different industries and live across 15+ countries, encompassing diverse knowledge and perspectives.

  • Only 5 in 100 candidates become a Dheya mentor—we execute a diligent vetting process because we want the best for our mentees and learners.

You are going to

team up with these amazing people

The Unlimited Possibilities as a Dheya Career Mentor or Career Counsellor

We’ll help you every step of the way

Conduct Career Planning and Mentoring Sessions for both Students and Parents
Help your subordinates and colleague reach the peak of their abilities.
Help Spread Career Awareness via Workshops and Social Platforms
Facilitate Successful Career Transitions amongst Early and Mid Career Professionals.
Enhance the workforce of SMEs, HR departments, and Small Business Owners.
Brand new identity as a Mentor in your community.

Application Process

1. Fill Out Application: Start by filling out the application form and selecting the area of interest ( Student, workplace or Professional ). You’ll be contacted directly if your application fits the criteria.

2. Take Assessments: Create a Mentor Profile and take a Psychometric assessment.

3. Profile Review: Senior Master Mentor Review Each profile before sending an invitation to join the community and mentor certification program.

4. Basic Mentor Certification: Based on Your Interest you will undergo a complete training program and community induction program. You will be awarded a mentor certificate at the end of the training program.

5. Mentor Practitioner Certification to Start Mentoring: You need to practice and perform at least 5 mentoring sessions with the handholding support of master mentors and obtain a high rating in all the sessions to be certified as a mentoring practitioner.

It’s easier than you think

Join us !!! Dheya ensures that our mentors find every opportunity to excel with the Unbreakable Support System.

Feel Empowered

Find a systematic approach to build a strong knowledge base and competent allies, and be part of a community of mentors globally that supports each other.

Tools to Mentor

Our tools like Career Research, Mentee Management, Learning Management, and more — help you be successful in mentoring.


Mentors are trained for various business opportunities post-training and supported to start own practice or Business in respected areas.

Opportunities to Impact

Our mentors closely work with several individuals and organizations and create more impact.

Community Responsibility

Dheya, not only provides certification but it gives mentors completely new identities With various Responsibility in Community.

We wish you join us

If you wish the same, here is how to join us

We know you would be a right fit for any of these, however, before going to the process, do check yourself!

For an Aspiring Career Mentor, Counselor or Advisor.

Hybrid Self Paced Program with Interactive Live classes, Quizzes and Assignments.. Learn at your own pace and place!!

You are eligible if
  • You should have a minimum of 7 years of experience.

  • Must be 35+ Year Old.

  • Preferably A Parent.

  • Investment : 25,000 + 18% GST

For an Aspiring Life and  Career Transition Coach or Mentor

Hybrid Self Paced Program with Interactive Live classes, Quizzes and Assignments.. Learn at your own pace and place!!

You are eligible if
  • You should have a minimum of 15 years of experience.

  • Must be 40+ Year Old or Practioner’s Mentor with Dheya.

  • Preferably a Top Senior Executive.

  • Investment : 25,000 + 18% GST

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