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Franchise Business Opportunities in the Education Industry with Dheya

Today a normal family invest 40-50 Lakh on Child education for Happy career. Is the Child Really Having Happy career 

Women are backbone of society. Being an influential Person in society you can educate people how right career decision can change their future with lot of saving of time, money, energy, effort, and future failures. 

Career guidance helps youth acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify work options, explore alternatives and succeed in life. It will not only set a career path for a student, but also will change his/her dreams into reality.

Women Edupreneur

Who Can Be a Dheya Women Edupreneur:

People have joined from various social classes: 

  • Educators 
  • Freelancers
  • Working Professionals 
  • Financial Advisors 
  • Community Leaders 
  • Homemaker  
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What You Must Do:

Dheya is in the process of selecting suitable, reputable, and like-minded women edupreneur’s who can refer students or professionals who are confused or need career help 

We present you an excellent opportunity to become a Dheya Women Edupreneur with Dheya to help & impact the students, provide them with a direction in the world of work and at the same time earn additional income by increasing your business. 

How it works: 3 Simple Steps to Start

Dheya Women Edupreneur, will get Dheya brand for the career guidance of the students. These Dheya Women Edupreneur will refer students interested in career guidance. Once student registered for any program, will take an online psychometric assessment provided by Dheya. The career guidance session will be carried out online virtually by our senior mentors.  

  • Register for Training
  • Learn More About Dheya Program offering and your Own Strengths

  • Start Connecting People Around you for Dheya Offerings

  • Build a Logn term Independent Career with Dheya

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be trained on how to do business in field of career guidance. You will also identify all your strengths through psychometric, complete product knowledge and support systems and community benefits. 

No. You will be getting access to a digital platform through which you can run the business. 

No. There is no area restriction. You can work PAN (Personal Area Network) India. 

No. There is only one time registration cost for the training.

Yes. You will be getting a marketing kit and support from Team Dheya.

Guidance and mentoring will be done by our Certified mentors 

You can take complete franchisee and open career guidance center in future.

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