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Career Guru: Career Development Program for School Leaders

Be the Great Educator: Create Awareness of Career Guidance among Students

In the present scenario, what we see is that students are not guided properly to become great achievers in life.  If you analyze any great personality in this world, you will be sure to find that they were guided by a great mentor/ teacher, who inspired them towards excellence and greatness.

Dheya is a community-based career guidance and planning organization in india, which has got unique psychometric assessment tools and processes, which have been scientifically proven as well as validated to Indian norms. Further, we have developed a community of senior corporate professionals who are inspiring students today using our tools and processes. We have impacted more than 3 lakh students and professionals in the last 13 years.
Dheya Career Guru is an exclusive community of Education Leader (Head of School, Principal, Head Mistress, etc.) who can impact their students in a great manner. This is the need of the hour for the next generation.

So, don’t delay and join the “Dheya Community of Education Leaders” who will impact our next generation greatly to make India a prosperous as well as a powerful nation of young achievers and winners.

Online Certification Program for Educators

Who is it for?

For School Principal, Headmaster, Headmistress, School Owners, Vice Principals or Teachers
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3 Reason to get Certified as Career guru for School Leaders


Low Career Awareness Among student:

72% they have not decided career till 10th Know a few career options


Absence of Structured Career Education Programs in School:

Stats of education: like 40% of school don’t have career counselor/educators


prepare students to transition successfully toward a future career path:

Teachers are not aware of how to inspires students for a great career. Or connect education to careers.

Exclusive benefit for Education Leaders

  • Learn New Skill and Development in Career Guidance

  • Self-Psychometric report

  • Career information Portal Access

  • New Identity of Career Guru with Dheya.

  • 10+ hr Online Certification Training

  • Build National Presence by participating in Community


10+ Hours Instructor-Led Online Training specially designed for Education Leaders !!!

Young India is in safe hands

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Commitment to Dheya Certified Career Guru

Dheya Provides Standard as well as personalized and customized support to all our trained Career Guru to establish in the market.

Continuous Learning and Development

Career Guru will be trained by experts. People are our strength. The delivery of Dheya services is highly dependent on the quality and comprehensive knowledge of the career Guru. Hence training them and keeping them updated with the latest knowledge in the field would always be our main priority.

Community Responsibility

Dheya, not only provides certification but it provides whole new identities and responsibility to Our Members. As a Community member, you can take multiple responsibilities like Institutional Connect, Best Practices, Buzz Leader, Business Leader, and Master Mentor. A Community for Community.

Earning Opportunity

Career Guru Certification not only provides you a cause of contributing your share towards society in nurturing young minds but also gives a lucrative earning potential. You can Build an alternative career as well as a second income.