August 1, 2020

Chartered Careers – CA, CFA, ICWA, CS, CIMA, ACCA, CPA

The session started with Srinivas Rajula and Malik Arun Bulusu, they greeted the audience and few questions were asked like, Are they aware about this field? 

Malik Arun Bulusu started with the topic of charted careers. He asked whether you need a qualification, or you need to build your signature. He mentioned about building the skills and understanding the tools used here. He guided through the importance of the career building in this current situation. To be a constant learner in this field is very much necessary he mentioned. 

He helped the audience by providing some institution bodies, who provide the right skills and how ae they contributing to the people to acquire the right knowledge. 

He explored on the topics available in finance. There was a brief explanation given on financial management, He mentioned that only special highly skilled CA can do auditing. He also elaborated the areas in this field, – Practice area, Corporate area and Entrepreneurial area. He also covered the points in investment management, cost management.   

On per the request of audience he also explored on the topic on CS, i.e. Company Secretory. He also mentioned about the skills, which are not one-time learning thing. For that you need a continuous learning and skilling up the skills. He clearly mentioned that to make sure you are constantly growing even if you don’t have those skills. Acquire the skills as they are not mutually exclusive skills, they are must have the skills if you want to build your career in this field. In today’s era how this field is going to help us in future. What were the futuristic career options available and how will be this in demand, etc. all such points were discussed.  

At the last before proceeding towards the question answers he mentioned about the people who are at the helm in this field. The session was concluded with positive audience who were impacted with this informative session. 

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