How important is your child’s career success for you? Why are you educating your child?  Does he/ she know what they will become in life?

Do you believe that children should just be left to follow whatever their interests are?

Teenage children come up with peculiar and very ambitious interests like Astro-physics, Footballer, Cricketer, Astronaut, etc. etc. Do you think that it would be correct to let them choose that path only based on such interest? Most of the times, the interest is only something that the child is fascinated about by hearing about it or some kind of a superficial exposure.

Dheya’s career planning process is a symbiotic combination of knowing one’s own personality, abilities and interests with the occupational demands of 22000+ occupations, which are filtered down to four most suitable occupations based on 13 factors. These factors are considered by senior well trained and qualified facilitators before homing on to possible career directions. Further, would you and your spouse like to get trained yourself to plan your own child’s career?

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