Its sales and distribution as well as delivery centre. It’s not a full business franchisee. The business partner will utilise the brand of Dheya and logo solely adhering to policy, procedure, values ethics and methodology as provided by company Dheya career mentors pvt. ltd.
This association is a partnership where Dheya will licence the business associate to acquire business on their behalf and help the delivery partners to deliver the services in their infrastructure as per the guidelines provided by Dheya.


India has the youngest population in the World with 38% of the nation’s population studying (Age: 6-24) The Indian education industry is expected to reach a valuation of $110 billion by 2016. Currently we have 431 universities, 21000 colleges and a staggering 11.9 lac schools in India out of which 27% of students are educated privately. According to a recent study only 25% of graduates are actually employable*. This number is shockingly low considering the amount of effort and money one spends to finish education.
Getting their child to study and excel in academics and finally building a successful career is the only objective of a normal Indian family. At Dheya we cater to this very need of the Indian families.Child skill enhancement market is growing at CAGR of 20-25% and is expected to have a market valuation of $ 2.2 billion by 2013 and $ 5.7 billion by 2016. Child skill enhancement is still relatively new concept for the Indian audience thus giving us the early movers advantage.


Dheya is looking for professionals who believe in our grand vision of making young lives vibrant and highly successful by career planning and mentoring. These professionals will be our business leader who will acquire business for us through their networks and through schools, colleges and educational institutions as well as corporate houses.

If you are not a sincere, committed and optimistic individual who is highly aggressive in achieving results, you will hate being with us. Dheya is not the place to be if you are not passionate about your work and you are not a person who spreads positivity by hard work and gets exemplary results always exceeding targets.

We will be scrutinizing your profile using our tools and also looking at the past evidence of your performance. We believe in hiring the best of the best and trust our rigorous process of selection to achieve that.

Yes, you will have to have the ability to invest a lot of your time and a little of your money to achieve great entrepreneurial success along with Dheya as business leader, which is on the runway and accelerating fast, about to take off. So if you have the taste for extreme speed and exponential growth, only then apply for this opportunity and become a super-achiever Dheyaite!!!


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