Dear Parent,
Comparison and competition leads to a big confusion in life of a teenager. Does your teenage child suffer from this confusion? Don’t worry! All of us have gone through the same confusion and unfortunately lived with this throughout our education life. Realize that each child is special and unique and they need to know this, and you as a parent need to understand the uniqueness of your child. Enable your child to reach the greatest heights in life by competing only with himself and keep achieving “Personal Bests”.
You are fortunate! Your child has a way out!! Dheya offers you services to make your child fully aware of his/ her own unique potential and strengths.Further, awareness of the world of work in terms of understanding and knowing all details of the occupations in this world which suit the unique profile of the child is also carried out in a systematic and detailed manner here. Parents and children both are involved in our systematic process of identifying the career direction and planning followed by a development process which enables the child to tread on his/ her own unique success path of life with elan and confidence.
Become responsible and plan your child’s career and life properly. Don’t make mistakes which ruin the life of your child due to your lack of awareness and knowledge.
Call Dheya now and book your tickets for this golden journey to great successful and fulfilling lives of your children.
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