April 21, 2021

Corona – An eye opener on Indian Education System

Is the Corona situation giving us a strong message drawing our attention towards the Indian Education System? Is our education system being still un- efficient in making our student’s future bright? What kind of Learning we are providing to our generation? And many more queries are coming up with the latest decision coming from our government of postponing exams and cancelling exams. Is this decision only going to affect the students or the economy as well?

Well with so many queries and question marks in our brain, it’s for sure that students and their parents are really going to get affected. And for a past one year though our teachers trying to teach their students in the whole online education. Were the online education actually beneficial. Were the exams conducted by different boards online not made the students not to use their efficiency The whole Online Education in which especially the exams are a big lie.  The whole online process of learning, students doesn’t even know what are the subjects that they’re interested in. And because the exams are postponed and cancelled, they wouldn’t even realise that what are they really good at.

Coming up with the latest Government Decision of cancelling the exams, it is going to demotivate the students in every aspect. And top most important thing is students should not stop the process of learning. They shouldn’t ever think that only school education makes them highly qualified. Rather they should make a self-learning path for themselves. A path where they get to learn and make themselves 360 degrees wholesome. Students should keep themselves updating and upgrading their skills which will be more beneficial for their future.

On the other hand, schools should add more of life skills like presentation, rather than essays, proper evaluation of what they have understood, project work helps. Students shouldn’t study to get marks rather to understand what they study which matters most in the future.

This situation should be seen as an opportunity to change the education system where each student is happy to learning and achieve their career goals. Time has come where we need to focus on personalized learning. No we are not against the education system but we are against the delivery of this education system.

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