September 27, 2019

Correct Career Decision Today Will Lead To Happy India Tomorrow

  1. Students in 9th/10th standard are invariably anxious for clarity on their future – as to which Career to choose? Most students undertake aptitude assessments and on the basis of their abilities or interests select a particular education stream and assume that their career choices have been finalised. Unfortunately, career hunt begins only after completion of education. This is precisely why today more than 45% of Indian youth in the age bracket of 24-35 are struggling because they selected an education stream without any clarity on their career path! Most of them land up in careers where they are unhappy. This affects their performance adversely causing frustration which invariably also ruins the atmosphere at home. All this adds up to unwanted negativity in our society!
  1. Secondly, children in the age group of 14 – 18 years undergo major changes, physically and emotionally, due to adolescence. Most children behave erratically during this transformation period causing anxiety in parents. Motivation for studies is limited as children feel that unnecessary education is being thrust upon them without any clarity on their future. This affects their performance in exams leading to further friction between parents and children, resulting in unwanted negative atmosphere at home. This is precisely why Career choices must be made early in life, preferably in 9th/ 10th standard, after identifying and understanding strengths of the child viz. the personality factors, abilities and interests. This will minimise the pressure of an education-centric scenario and rather focus on the career that the child himself relates to, motivating the child to give his best! In addition, family factors like finances, expectations and value systems also play a significant role and needs to be given due cognizance while making Career choices.
  1. I have been blessed with strong values of commitment, respect, valour, teamwork and responsibility which have been ingrained in me due to my profession, having served the nation as an Officer of the Indian Air Force for more than 30 years. These values have enabled me to fulfil my parental responsibility successfully as I am trained to analyse every situation and then take appropriate steps and measures to come out with effective solutions. Skills and knowledge acquired through training as a Career Development Facilitator (CDF) has honed my overall ability to effectively nurture students towards the right path through a structured and interactive process with personalised involvement.
  1. Dheya Career Mentors (India) Pvt Ltd is the pioneering organization in this field and has been helping parents and students Pan India for the last 12 years. Armed with a scientifically developed and reliable psychometric tool validated to Indian norms, Dheya provides comprehensive career guidance and planning solutions to parents and students. We have identified more than 22000 occupations aligned to the personality, ability and interest factors of the individual and research on the same is ongoing, keeping future of work in mind. At Dheya, we believe that every child is unique and gifted with unlimited potential! Aligning Natural strengths of the individual to exciting opportunities in the future is our modus operandi. Dheya has a community of over 2000 Career Development Facilitators (CDFs) all over India who are Senior professionals from across the spectrum of the Industry, including retired Senior Officers from the Armed Forces. The CDFs have been trained & certified on psychometrics and other processes of positive psychology to mentor the child for life. Careers are never made in a day and it calls for a process which ignites the child to aspire and achieve excellence in life. At Dheya we give the right guidance at the right time to transform the lives of young students and give them multiple career options to choose from. The child thereafter does research on these careers and selects one that will keep him happy for life! This will impact the future generation with positivity and will definitely lead to a Happier India tomorrow!

Written by Group Captain Yogesh Pai (Veteran of Indian Air Force),
Master Career Mentor with Dheya.
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