August 1, 2020

Creative careers- Performing Arts & Literary Arts

This session was moderated by Ms. Kadambari Santosh, with Sandip Soparrkar and Amrita Priya as presenters 

Sandeep Sopparkar, a choreographer, started the session with talking about film choreography. He discussed various genres of dance that one can master. Awareness of various dance forms is key as a choreographer.  

He explained the importance of studying the cinema in order to incorporate the choreography into it. The evolution of cinema and dance forms should be taken into account. He also talked about the technical ability that includes knowledge of cinematography, props, locations, costumes. One can enroll in courses or learn on the job. With the help of a video, he demonstrated how cultural and geographical knowledge is also essential. Directing dance that matches the song in terms of body movements, energy, action, timing and space is another important aspect. He also discussed choreography that matches the artist’s dancing ability. Communication skills are key in order to give constructive feedback on the artist’s performance. He also talked about the value of patience in order to succeed in the field. 


The next presenter was Amrita Priya, who talked about literary arts. She explained various careers in literary arts, along with their impact on society. She also discussed career options in performing arts. She emphasized that any field of education is suitable for a career in literary arts, as long as one has writing skills. Talent, passion and communication skills are necessary to succeed in performing arts. She mentioned that one improves in their art with age, as practicing helps one to hone their skill. She talked about various famous artists who have become successful in their fields. She mentioned that these careers depend more on natural talents than training and education. She discussed freelancing, self-employment as well as having two careers in order to pursue one’s passion in performing and literary arts.  

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