October 27, 2021

Delay in Career Planning

Planning is very important and the most basic thing which comes to our mind whenever we are planning to do something. E.g., the planning of vacation starts way before when your vacation starts. And also, if you are on your journey to your destination the planning is already done way before you reach the destination.

So why do we delay in career planning? A career is an important decision for anyone. So why do we delay that?

Most of the children start their career planning when they are in 10th Std because they have to select streams further n 11th Std. Some of them just take a particular stream based on their marks, they don’t even consider what they want to become in life. Or some take a particular reason because their friends are going for that stream. But when these students realize their actual potential, it’s late.

Because if they would have planned earlier, they would have started working on that plan at an early age, so basically have more time than others. Those who have started late usually take time to settle down in their career.

So to avoid such situations later career planning should start at an early stage.

What is Career Planning?

Career planning is a step-wise process that enables an individual to focus on where to want to be in life professionally. With the short-term goal and the long-term goals in place, It can help to plan their journey in their professional life. In career planning, the various career options should be explored in detail to find a fit between one’s abilities and the opportunities provided by a career option. It involves continuous learning and improvement to build and grow in the chosen career path. Good career planning helps a person grow in life in their professional career, which also helps them grow personally.

So what is the right age for Career Planning?

The right time to start career planning is in 8th or 9th grade. Starting early will give you enough time to explore career options, understand your likes and dislikes. However, it’s never too late to start and many students start their career research while college.

Why start early?

What happens if you choose a career early.

Starting early will give you enough time to explore the options available. This is a time-consuming process. Therefore starting at 8th or 9th grade it gives you plenty of time to explore each option and then choose one and settle down,

What happens if you choose a career after 10th Std.

If you choose your career after 10th. You will be busy preparing for your Board exams in 10th grade and might not have enough time to explore options after the Board exams. Many students end up choosing a stream that they might not like or are not suited for. Planning early will help you choose a stream of study after 10th grade quite early. This way, you will be able to plan which subjects to concentrate on during your 9th and 10th grades.

For career planning, you can even plan yourself by noting what you like to do, or for professional guidance, you can even take the help of professionals, career counselors, career mentors and use psychometric tests for a better understanding of your abilities.

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