March 21, 2022

Dheya Mentor Certification: Join India’s Best Career Counsellors Today!

We live in a world that is overloaded with information and unnecessary advice from all over the world. In times like these, the younger generation needs to find a focused and specific direction for their careers.  Despite all of this, there is a certain stigma amongst parents to approach career counsellors

A direction that has been crafted with expertise, experience, and excellence. We believe that if a student or professional finds a mentor at the right time, there’s nothing that can stop them.  

And that is exactly why we do what we do. The feeling that another student can reach his true potential because of us is the ethos of our organization. To maximize the impact of career counselling and guidance, we need to find the right mentors to help us reach more students every day. This is why we have built a Career Counsellor Training program that helps us find new mentors every day. 

How do I learn Career Counselling and Career Guidance?  

Dheya offers an exclusive Career Mentoring Certification that helps you learn how to analyze a mentee’s personality, strengths, and potential. Our program will help you learn every detail of mentoring. We pay special attention to aspects like psychometric assessments,  understanding the mentality of parents, how to find the right career, and so on.  

This Career Counsellor training program will also help you learn industry trends that will help your mentees make the most out of their career guidance program with you 

How do I become A Dheya Career Counsellor? 

Becoming a Dheya Career Counsellor is a smooth, easy, and rewarding process. In 5 easy steps, you’ll be set to be part of India’s Best and Fastest Growing Community of Career Counsellors and Mentors! 

Step 1: Fill out an application! 

All you need to do is fill out some basic details and the demographic that you would like to mentor. Dheya offers specific career counselling and mentoring certifications for students, professionals, and your peers at the workplace.    

Step 2: Take Assessments! 

Once our team verifies your profile, you’ll be contacted by Dheya to start your journey as a Career Mentor. Your first step will be to participate in a few psychometric assessments and interest tests that will help us understand you better 

Step 3: Profile Review 

Dheya’s Master Mentors will review your profile and assessment results to configure a personalized career counselling training program for you. After your profile review, we will send you an invitation to begin your career guidance journey. 

Step 4: Training Program and Certification. 

Dheya’s Master Mentors will onboard you to our comprehensive and holistic career counselling program and will train you to be one of the best career counsellors in the country!  

Step 5: Getting you started.  

Dheya will help you get started on your career counselling journey! Some of our senior mentors will help you learn the ropes by sitting in with you on your first 5 career counselling sessions!  You will then be awarded a Career Mentor and Practitioner Session from Dheya.  

Step 6: An Exclusive Mentor Page! 

After you hit your first few crucial milestones as a Dheya Mentor, you will get an exclusive Career Counsellor Page that will help you market yourself better as a mentor and a role model in society.   

A Mentor Page will showcase your life as a mentor. And why shouldn’t you? You’ve got Instagram for your personal life, LinkedIn for your professional life, and Dheya for your Mentoring Life!   

Why is Dheya’s Career Mentoring Certification Different? 

This is a question that we’re asked daily. There are a hundred other career counselling and career guidance companies out there that also offer a similar program. Why should you partner with Dheya?   

Well, the answer is simple. We care. We were one of the first career guidance organizations in the country, and the only reason we’ve lasted for so long is that we care. Dheya’s core learnings lie in the BhagwadGeeta and Upanishads, and we try to apply those learnings in every aspect of our organization. May it be helping students find their true potential or helping seasoned professionals like you become the best Career Mentor.  

We also offer a few perks to all our mentors that no one else in the whole industry does! 

1. A Powerful Research Team 

Dheya guarantees support for all your mentees in terms of finding a career. Once you finalize a few fields of interest with your mentee, our team will find you the latest and most relevant career paths in a flash! 

2. Fresh Social Media Posts Every Week! 

We have a specialized team that will help you generate new content for your network in the form of creatives, blogs, and much more! 

3. A Strong Support System

Dheya doesn’t stop contacting you once you buy our product. We aim to maintain strong communication with all our mentors and always be available for you! We also organize engagement sessions regularly to build a connected and dedicated community of career counsellors!

4. A Rewarding Compensation Structure 

Dheya ensures that you earn a profitable share from every student and professional you mentor. Our mission is to help a career counsellor start mentoring as a side hustle and generate so much profit that professionals switch to career counselling and mentoring as a full-time profession! 


So, what are you waiting for? 

Start your career mentoring journey now!

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