Prathamesh’s achievements make us proud!

Prathamesh is currently working at Accenture as the Sr. Business Analyst. He came to Dheya 5 years ago for his Career Guidance and Career Planning.

At the time, he was determined to pursue a postgraduate course but was confused by the plethora of options. He desired a career stream which would build on his natural strengths.

Dheya conducted initial assessments and formulated a detailed report on vast arrays of Prathamensh’s qualities such as personality traits, abilities and interests. Based on these, Dheya made suggestions and guided Prathamesh suitable career options that he can use to improve play to his strengths.

What Prathamesh says about Dheya:

“My experience with Dheya was excellent. The personality report gave a detailed explanation of all my strengths. Even the career options I was suggested were explained in depth & I am happy with whatever I’m doing now.”