Saurabh has built a sturdy bridge for his career and life…

Saurabh has just finished his B.Sc. in Geology from Ferguson College, Pune. He had come to Dheya for his Career Guidance & Career Planning when he was in 11th std. Confused and dazed about his further studies and career paths after the 12th board exams, he was looking for a new direction in life.

Dheya provided this support and guidance and helped Saurabh find his inner purpose. Through detailed assessment and discussion, we devised an exact plan for his career as well as for his life. Surely and steadily, he is on the way to his success!

“I’m really glad and happy I came across Dheya. It really changed the trajectory of my life. Because of Dheya, I could figure out which field I would like to pursue (which I didn’t even know existed and which I LOVE now). They didn’t just guide me, they helped me throughout the process which I personally think is the fundamental difference between them and many similar organisations. They took a genuine interest in the welfare of my future. I am very grateful for all their help and would like to thank them a ton!“

Saurabh Ranade