Shreyans is on his way to success with Dheya…

Shreyans Ranjalkar has just finished his International Baccalaureate Diploma from Goldcrest International School. With his father’s support, he undertook (along with his older brother) career counselling sessions from Dheya 6 years ago to understand his inherent strengths and chart an academic and co-curricular course suited to improve his skills and talents.
Dheya conducted the online psychometric assessment tests and one-one sessions with Shreyans to carefully plan a tailored course of action. Through periodic interactions over the years for support and motivation to follow this course of action, Shreyans is on the way to success!

“Dheya has undoubtedly been key in ensuring my creative growth and in igniting ambition. It was at the age of eleven, under the guidance of Mr. Anand Desai that I undertook the career counselling course and realised my potential as an artistic individual. Through care and his usual inspiring tone, he walked me through my charted course—a tenacious long term yet rewarding career and academic path.
Over the years, Dheya has chiselled me to be an ambitious and forward thinking individual. They have researched and guided me towards the right courses, good schools, and have given me the right caution when I would begin to lose my way.
Today, as a published author, freelance voice-over artist, musician, budding filmmaker and an independent thinker, I credit my achievements to Dheya. Their process of career counselling and guidance is one that stays ensures success.”