July 7, 2021

Don’t go to your uncle for career advice

Which course should my child opt for after 12th“.  Being in a Career Guidance organisation for some time now, I get lots of such calls from my friends and relatives. They feel “Uncle will give a quick fix advice”. Unfortunately, I tell them that I have to understand the child and his / her aspirations first, work with them before giving any meaningful advice.

Career Guidance is a very serious responsibility, because even a well-meaning wrong advice can ruin lives. Please understand “Every Child is Different”, period. One career cannot fit all. A communicative, outgoing, restless and aggressive child cannot do ‘Research’ and Vice versa an introvert, patient and diligent child will not do good ‘Sales’. There are different ways of understanding a child, though a good and proven psychometric assessment is generally a preferred choice. But then also understand that psychometrics is just 10% of the overall mentoring process as it also involves tools, processes, career research & exploration, development plan, internships etc.

Also, education is not the end all, it’s just a means to get into a good career. Degrees are becoming useless in today’s world as the market is moving at a much faster pace than the education system. Companies hire more on basis of knowledge and skills rather than education qualifications.

Jobs are dying, though work will remain. Freelancing, contractual / consultancy is the new trend now as the corporate don’t want to burden themselves with permanent employees. All those who get their work done from freelancing websites like upwork.com, freelancer.com etc. will vouch that your work and reputation is all that matters.

So please prepare your child for this futuristic world. Help them plan and skill themselves accordingly. Consult a professional who helps you decide a destination in the world of work, as per your child’s nature, abilities, interest and aspirations and guides you in the path to be taken to reach the goal. It will not only save you lakhs of rupees and time wasted in a useless degree but also spare you from frustration, regret and pain of your child not doing well in his/her career, being jobless or changing jobs frequently.

Dheya has a team of trained senior and professional mentors, who use proven psychometric assessment, tools, process and research to mentor the child for life. You can contact us if you need any help to plan your child’s career and future.

So, my final suggestion – your child’s life is precious.


Written by Cdr. Ninad Deshpande (Retd)
Director – Social Initiatives
You can reach to him on ninad.deshpande@dheya.com


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