October 28, 2021

Don’t let your Child’s Career Development – stopped in the crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted various sectors including oil and gas, automobiles, aviation, agriculture, retail, etc. We can’t ignore that hardly a sector would remain unaffected by the crisis. The impact may be more or less. The same is with the education sector in India and around the world.

Due to the covid pandemic, the state governments across the country temporarily have shut down schools and colleges. As per the present situation, there is uncertainty about when schools and colleges will reopen. The Government had also canceled the CBSE Board Exams for 10th Std and have decided to postpone the 12th Examinations which is also very uncertain that whether these exams will be conducted or not. And also, many entrance examinations and competitive examinations are held due to the rise in the number of covid cases.

During this covid situation when we as people have not to stop living, then why the career of the child is only dependent on exams. Why are we so dependent on a piece of written examinations.? Like one pandemic cannot stop us to live, how can the pandemic stop us from building the career of our child and various students across the globe.

Many parents are concerned about the career of their children and even the students are concerned about their career. As many students have decided what they want to become in life, or what they want to achieve in their lives. And accordingly, they have started to work on that, and based on the career choices they have even planned to give the entrance examination, and due to the board exam cancellation, they are even more concerned as now they have to prepare for the board exams and simultaneously need to prepare for the entrance.

But I would like to suggest that instead of getting tense in this situation, take time for ourselves and think about whether the career you have chosen, have the same futuristic scope as it was before the pandemic because Covid has hitten almost every sector, but it is also expected that some sector has wide futuristic career options, then most of the sectors. Some industries are at high risk of layoffs and probably will need time to settle down after the covid crisis. And if you have decided to make your career in that outdated field, you should step back and give a second chance to your career. Because a career is something that will decide all your future. So, what I believe is instead of wasting your time in thinking when will the board exams be conducted. Or when will be the entrance test be conducted, how many marks will I score in the exams. Start thinking about the career you have chosen, see whether that career will be in demand in the future. If Yes, then look out for several courses, attend workshops for the career that will help you to stand out from the other students and build your career, Ask an experienced person to guide you. If Not decided, then think about the career options, or take advice from career mentors, or some experienced professionals and decide what you want to become in life. And start working on it to build your career, by joining workshops, courses, etc.

Think about the positive aspects of every situation and use this time as an opportunity to develop yourself

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