August 2, 2020

Learn Everything About E-commerce!

The session began with huge excitement, with speaker Kiran Dixit giving a short brief about his background. He started with the basics of E-Commerce, what is it all about with some realistic examples. 

He helped the people with how one can make a career in this field. He briefed about the Retail – Customers Journey. He also helped the youth, by revealing the courses they can do after there 12th with some institution’s name. He also gave them a tip, that before enrolling in any institution make sure they know exactly what they want to be and have a word with the student alumni before taking admission in any college. Also mentioned some current famous personalities who have achieved their goal. 

Then he moved forward to Ecommerce Customer Journey, how they are working and how it helps the retailers to sell their product effectively and customers get satisfied with it. He mentioned the career opportunities in this field like – Software development, UX/UI professionals, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Sales, and many more options were available. He also showed some famous personalities in Ecommerce and some well-known successful brands. 

After Ecommerce he moved to the sales, gave a brief about the work done in sales. And disclosed some education which one requires, with few institution names in India and Abroad. He also explained the hierarchy in sales from sales trainee to Director sales with their respective salaries how will it differ from organization to organization. Also, he threw some light on futuristic career options available. 

The session was further continued with Sushil Prabhudesai, where he gave a brief about his background. He welcomed the youth to the Interesting World of Supply Chain Management. He started the topic with Disruptions in the supply chain, and how it affected the market. Also explored what is it all about and how it works. The best examples of an effective supply chain were explained. He gave an overview of this field and working on it in detail. He explored the topic of future scope in this field. He mentioned how this will be in demand where already some organizations have started investing. He also looked towards Modi’s speech where how it is will be effective in our future planning. He helped the teenagers with the skills they need to acquire to be in this field. He also disclosed the education path one needs to follow with a few institution’s name.  He helped them with the hierarchy in this field. Also helped with some famous professionals. He gave them the career possibilities with realistic examples. 

The session was concluded by answering the queries from the audience on the eCommerce and supply chain.  

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