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As a step forward for our vision 2020, we have organised an engaging and informative, career guidance workshop for students & parents of class X at Mount Litera Zee School Patiala on 7th April 2018.

Our resource person Mrs Sunanda Rao has guided parents/guardians to significantly improve their interactions and communication with their children for choosing a proper career stream after class 10.
This resulted in an increased understanding for Students & Parents in making choice of streams post 10th class which greatly determines how the career pans out.Hence this decision becomes the most important decision of their life.
We at Dheya have come up with a Psychometric test specifically designed and scientifically proven to provide you answers the question – “What to do after 10th?” This career test assesses the Interest.aptitude and personality to determine the most suitable stream after your class 10. The test is meticulously designed by a panel of psychologists, academic counselors and experienced psychiatrists help you in your first important decision.

The workshop was followed by one on one mentoring session with a random sample of students which was highly appreciated by students & Parents.
We are partnering with schools to populate this program to help students to take a guided handholding to make a wise decision for making a Right Career Choice.

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