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Dheya’s Career Therapy in Shantinagar, Bangalore for Children’s Day Event – An evening packed with fun, bursting with energy and excitement, throbbing with enthusiasm and entertainment. Lots of children, as well as parents of age groups, were excitingly participating in this event.

The event was organized by the Shantinagar Residents Welfare Association (SRWA) inviting Shantinagar residents of all ages, as well as those from the nearby areas.

Our (Dheya’s) dynamic presence as associate sponsors for this event with highly spirited mentors who volunteered to engage enthusiastically with all audience – Rekha C P, Sandhya Doddihal, Sonia Bhattacharya, Vijaya Mahalakshmi, Vishwatosh Tripathi and Shekhar J Karanje.

For the first time in Bangalore, this event was a milestone that created a great impact on the students and parents. This was a great medium where the students understood the importance of Self Learning habits. We are looking forward for more such events of grander scale and diverse themes across Bangalore in the near and distant future.

Our presence was quite pleasantly received by the audience, with several children & parents (of all ages) visiting our booth space.

  1. Children experienced an assortment of creative & witty games packed with tremendous learnings and values.
  2. Also experienced a variety of resourceful and real-world paper-pencil tests to help our curious and enquiring visitors understand their self-aptitude, their self-behaviour, their interests, their time management styles as well as their transactional styles.
  3. Many visitors went away from our booth after experiencing these clever games/tests, only to return back along with their families, relatives, friends to play these games more than once and also take those practical tests.
  4. Several parents visited us to enquire about this for their own children or for children within their family.
  5. Several children visited us to enquire about this for their elder siblings/cousins or for their friends.

We were acknowledged and thanked for being the associate sponsors. We felicitated and were also requested to share a few words about who we are and what we (Dheya) are all about.

Audience understood our values, cause and also the vision of DHEYA and how we enable their careers and lives by helping them simplify their career decisions.


  1. Rajesh 11/29/2019 at 10:11 am - Reply

    I am looking support for my daughter ,
    She is persuing her 10th students ,
    What shall be her future students interest how to identify ?

  2. Sachin Burghate 12/02/2019 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    Hi Sir,
    We need to understand her as a person. We will first try and understand her strengths, interest, ability & personality through a psychometric assessment. After which our mentors will speak to you & your child face to face & help the child to build her career path.

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