Employee engagement program for Adani Group of company

/Employee engagement program for Adani Group of company
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Adani Group of Companies have engaged Dheya Career Mentors for their employee engagement program. Wherein Dheya is conducting Career Planning sessions for 100 children of Adani’s employees between the age of 13 and 18. Dheya Founder and CEO, Mr Anand Desai conducted a workshop for more than 70 employees of Adani group as well, making them aware of the need to have a defined, well planned career path at an early age.
Senior Facilitators of Dheya did one on one session with about 20 children along with their parents as the 1st phase and launch of this engagement program.
Dheya had also done a pilot for Adani in the month of Aug 2016, to which Dheya and Adani Group of companies received amazing feedback, which helped in initiating this program.

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