May 25, 2022

Every Student’s starter pack for an Education Abroad

As students, we always look for a new challenge, new perspective, new people, and a major change from our current reality, and one of the most common outcomes of this constant need for change is students going abroad for education.  

While the fascination of going abroad is one side of the whole scenario, education abroad plays a huge role in helping students develop into better versions of themselves. And this is one of the main reasons why we can see students from all over the world going abroad for education. 

While the concept of a completely new place might seem daunting to you, the truth is that it is a perfect option for students nowadays. In the age of globalization, the boundaries between countries have become more permeable. It has come with sharing art, culture, and most importantly, knowledge. Besides, going abroad for education comes with certain advantages. So why not explore these opportunities? 

Advantages of studying abroad 

  • A New Experience

For most people, the prospect of living in a new country can be quite exciting. The opportunity to experience new cultures, languages, food, etc is very interesting. You don’t just get to experience these things, but you also get to become a part of them by living there. You get an opportunity to be part of a completely new culture altogether. Living abroad is undeniably a great experience for many young students.

  • Quality education 

A Crucial reason for going abroad is your passion and eagerness for a particular subject. While we as India have top-notch institutions that are respected all around the world, they might not be what you are looking for.  

For example, you might be someone who is in love with the field of robotics. While you can complete your under-graduation in India, going to universities like Carnegie Mellon or Worcester Polytechnic for your Post-Graduation, will give you a massive advantage while building a career. 

  • Career opportunities 

Opportunities are again dependent on what you want to do. It all relies on the trajectory you want to have. For example, as India’s startup scene keeps on developing at a massive scale, opportunities like business development and human resources can massively benefit your resume 

Contrarily, this isn’t the same in fields like fashion, art, artificial intelligence and so on. That is why you need to do a lot of research before you take a decision  

  • Lifestyle 

Many countries with top universities are developed countries. This means that the average quality of life there is pretty high. Should you choose to go abroad for your education, you might end up in big countries like America, England, Australia, etc. These countries offer the lifestyle that many students dream of. The campus life at such universities is interesting and happening. You might enjoy your time at a foreign university. 

Things to consider before you pursue an education abroad 

  • Country and university 

It is easy to get attracted to the culture or lifestyle in a particular country or university. But your time in the foreign country must hold substance. This means that you have to select a good university. Admission into a mediocre university could seem like an easy way to get an education abroad. But you have to think about the scope of your career in that country before applying. 

  • Living Expenses

The living cost of living in different countries may vary. It might be quite costly for some countries. It is an unavoidable expense that you have to consider. Many students choose to get part-time jobs to cover them. 

  • Scholarships 

Some foreign degrees can be expensive. Fortunately, there are many Indian as well as foreign scholarship schemes to help you out. If you can prove your merit and potential, you might get a substantial amount of concession on your tuition fees. 

  • Weather 

Many countries face extreme weather conditions. This weather will become a part of your life if you choose to move there. If you are someone that can’t handle conditions like these, it might be difficult for you to move there.  

  • Language 

Some countries require you to know their language if you want to get an education there. For example, many German universities need their students to be fluent in German. You have to plan this ahead of time and get the necessary education in the foreign language. 

Once you have considered all this, start applying! The process might include English proficiency tests or entrance exams, interviews, portfolio or SOP submission, etc. There are many consultancy services to help you through this process. You can look forward to a bright future both in terms of your career and your life. Getting education abroad can be an eye-opening and maturing experience for every young student. 

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