February 18, 2019

Few Secrets of Memory Magic

It’s that time of the year when students and parents alike are stressed about the looming monster called exams. Exams necessarily mean a certain level of memory power and we have some simple tips that will give you an edge with your revisions. As with all other skills and abilities, it is possible to develop strong memory power with practice. How do you increase the memory chip performance in your brain?

Here are some simple tips that Dheya Career Mentors would like to share with you to help you unleash the magic of memory.

1. One task at a time

It is the age of multitasking and we see everyone doing it and imagine that it makes for greater efficiency. The old cliché, do one thing at a time is a cliché because it is true. Doing one task at a time develops better retention power by virtue of focus on the task at hand.

2. Play

Yes, that’s right. Play. Solve a crossword, crack that Sudoku puzzle or play a word game. This is a mental workout which forces your brain to work differently. Use it or lose it is not just a Darwinian Theory but also fact. The more you wrestle with puzzles, the greater the capacity to form connections between different things.

3. Use mnemonics

Using mnemonics is an old technique to remember things. It is a tool to aid memory. For example, let’s take the word mnemonic in which the letter ‘m’ is silent. Now if I need to recollect the meaning of the word, it will be easier because of the memory of the fact that ‘m’ is silent. You can use colours, images or pretty much anything to help remember key facts.

4. Learn a new skill

It’s never too late to learn. Try your hand at a new instrument or a new dance form. Usually, anything which needs hand-eye coordination is good as it has a degree of challenge. As a raw beginner, you need to use memory to help you master the basics and is an easy and fun way to improve the ability to recollect.

5. Sleep

Ever pulled an all-nighter and then wondered why you weren’t at the top of your game the next morning? It’s sleep, or rather the lack of it. A common practice during exam-time is to burn the midnight oil when what is needed is adequate rest. It allows the brain to relax and be sharp and ready to tackle the paper. What tricks do you use to sharpen those powers of remembering? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Reply in comments or post on our Facebook and Instagram page.

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