August 1, 2020

Futuristic Food Industry Jobs in India

The Session started with a brief introduction of the moderator Paresh Kamat by himself. Next, he introduced everyone to the speaker Dr. Padma Sahoo. 

Dr.Padma Sahoo shared her career profile with everyone. Her vast career journeys. How she managed of her profile? Which all industries she switched to.  

Later Dr. Padma Sahoo gave brief information about different fields related to agriculture. In between few polls were taken to get an idea about information our audience have. Careers and occupations related to Agriculture engineering, Agriculture business, Agriculture economics, Agriculture Communication, Agriculture Agronomy, Animal Science and food Science were explained briefly. In between Dr. Padma Sahoo also answered the queries. 

Next Dr. Padma Sahoo explained different Companies and employment opportunity in the different field of Agriculture. Also, explanation of work environment and work context related to the field delivered. 

Later on, how enter to agriculture stream were explained in detail. Information on different university were explained. Queries were resolved in between. Research part for the field was explained.  

Impact of Agriculture was the explained in detail. Followed by future of the farms. Later, career potentials were explained followed by required career path and career possibilities related to the field of Agriculture. 

The session was concluded by thanking the speaker for such an immense knowledge of the field. 

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