August 2, 2020

Freelancing as a Career

The sessions started with our moderator Sumit Sinha, where he welcomed the youth in the journey of Freelance world. He introduced our speaker Malathi K S, with her brief intro. 

Malathi took over the session by greeting the audience and gave a quick background about her family, hobbies and how she managed to be a freelancer. She says her family is a freelancer family. She began with a basic understanding of What is Freelancing about? Clarified some myths about freelance works. She explored on the topic Gig Economy. What are the challenges and better Practices followed? She explained at some points how are nature differs from being a freelancer rather than in a 9-5 employee job. She also mentioned the pros and cons of being an employee and a freelancer. 

 She shared her journey, how she was attracted and moved from the corporate world into the freelancing worldShe explored some topics like, – How the world of work in today’s era is going on. How the organizational jobs or 9-5 jobs are hectic, if you are unable to follow your passion, etc. all the points were explained well. She also mentioned about her mentor as well, how he guided her to achieve her goal. 

Later she explained various options and opportunities in this freelancing world with details. Some examples she gave like, freelance digital marketing, freelance web developer, freelance coach, etc. How it is beneficial to be as a freelancer after a corporate work of life was really explained well. 

There was a good response from the audience. The session concluded with questions and answers. 

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