May 13, 2022

GMAT 2022: Updates, Tips, and Scope for Students

Right from the graduate level, standardized exams like the GMAT determine the course of our career. What are your long-term goals? What kind of job do you see yourself having? How can you achieve all this?  

Most times, the first step to achieving this is performing well in such exams. They determine the university where you will spend the next few years of your life developing yourself for the professional world. Exams like these are also the first time you will be faced with a challenge whose outcome will have a substantial impact on your career. This is why you need to meticulously prepare for them. Even a tiny slip-up can cause significant damage to your career. You need to prove yourself as a serious candidate for these universities. And most importantly, you need to prove your merit. If anything, look at these exams as a way to prove your passion and potential to excel in your field.  

They require only basic qualifications like higher secondary education. The rest is a test of your ability to work hard, the strength of your character, and your natural skills and talents. These are the basic principles you must keep in mind while you give the GMAT exam. 

The GMAT is a standardized exam with a global scope. They are primarily meant for students who want to pursue business management. It is an adaptive test, administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). It tests the students’ analytical, reasoning, quantitative, and verbal skills. All of these are important indicators of a smart and hardworking student. More than 2000 universities worldwide use GMAT scores as a determinant of the merit of their candidates. This means that if your dream job involves business administration or management, your GMAT scores are very important. GMAT scores are considered for approximately 7000 management and business courses. Many top universities with excellent courses consider GMAT scores as part of their admission process. Hence, taking the GMAT and acing it, will ensure that you will find a place in a good college that will help you kickstart your career. Following is the GMAT exam pattern. 

Section Number Of Questions Type OF Questions Duration
Analytical Writing Assessment Essay Argumentative and Critical Analysis 30m
Integrated Reasoning 12 MCQs Multi-Source Reasoning 30m
Quantitative 31 MCQs Mathematical Problem solving 1 hour
Verbal 36 MCQs Comprehension, Language Proficiency 1 hour

The exam lasts 3.5 hours with optional breaks. It is a computer-based exam. You are scored out of a total of 800 marks (Although this only includes the verbal and quantitative sections). A GMAT score that is more than 720 will make you one of the top candidates for a good university. 

Preparing for the GMAT 

The GMAT is highly competitive. It also tests a variety of areas of the candidate’s knowledge and skills. It can be quite difficult to crack. So how can you prepare yourself to successfully crack the exam? 

  • Start early. Start at least 7 months before you are set to take the exam. A good window of time will help you plan out your studying schedule and pace yourself. 
  • Sign up for an online or offline GMAT course. Such courses are quite comprehensive. They are usually put together by experienced people. They can guide you in your process. However, it is important to remember that it is up to you to work hard and crack the test.  
  • Build a study plan. Building a study plan will grant you efficiency. You can make the process of exam preparation smoother and you can balance your activities. 
  • Uses GMAT books, guides, and prep material given on their website. Use as many sources as you can to make sure that you are well prepared. 
  • Take many practice tests. Even GMAC offers plenty of practice tests. This will not only tell you how far you are in your preparedness but also give you confidence.

Meticulous and well-planned preparation will ensure that you do well in the exam. The aim is to perform to the best of your abilities. Make sure that you work hard and give your best shot for the exam. 

For the exam, 

  • Make sure you register on time 
  • If you are taking it online, make sure you have the necessary equipment in place 
  • Reach the exam center on time and make sure you have the required identity verification 
  • Read through each question carefully, especially the verbal section
  • Manage your time well 
  • Stay calm and composed during the exam 
  • Plan your section order strategically and according to your strengths 

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