October 9, 2017

Half lost Job Seekers club

You are either worried about your already slipping away job, due to layoffs happening in every other company or what you hear about the happenings in your own company on man cutting ( Pun intended – Gone are those days when we used to hear/receive emails from HR on cost-cutting, by saving papers from printing).

So as the title goes, it’s a blend of people who are already on the verge of losing their job and looking out or job seekers who have lost their job recently, yes even if you have lost it 6 months back let’s call it recent tragedy, as the incident is still fresh in the mind. Anyway the people who have already lost it are turning the internet upside down every day in search of that perfect job and the people who are in the queue are still miserable as they have not gone through the complete pain yet and walking on the rope which is not long enough, as well there is a fear of falling onto the earth and hoping for a safe landing if it happens so.

Anxiety, fear, and irritation are the different emotions playing in the mind of those undergoing this situation. Still, I wonder as to what has suddenly changed the situation to this as still companies would want that work to be done by somebody, the so-called automation or robots are not ready yet to take over our roll, this leaves me with a head rolling effect!

It’s a nightmare, having to support our family and balancing mentally before going mad with those questions from your intrusive neighbors, enquiring as to why you are not seen rushing with the laptop bag and lunch bag everyday morning to somewhere away from their vision. At least to keep them away from making the scene worse, we should pack our lunch and take our laptops to the nearby coffee shop and search jobs using the free Wi-Fi to avoid your wife and neighbors from their nasty look.

This is the test of patience and coming out without becoming a patient is the key to success, remember during childhood the question every other uncle used to ask “what are you going to become: Doctor, Engineer or Pilot?” and the answer was so obvious as they have given you the choice and thrust their opinion on you, that it’s only fair enough to become one of those to be called as successful. So who’s fault the child or the adult who never gave a chance to think of our own? When you did not think then why to think now, just chill. You never knew growing up that you will be working for the companies you have worked for so far and fair, isn’t it?

Relax, just leave it to the fate, as the saying goes whatever happened is for good and focus on what’s next and keep your search on. Become social, go and find your contacts online, talk to them and ask for help, check what other alternatives you can look upon, at least to manage your daily expenses. You never knew you may strike gold someday!

Remember negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts and may entangle you, so try and replace them with positive ones. Now go to the half left job and complete it for the day, before it’s completely over and if you have already lost it, never give upstart again, go grab that less compensating job available, unless you are one among those who think it is less dignifying to take up job one grade lesser then you had before, at least you will be on the ladder again, think about it.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, It’s about learning to dance in the rain” – Vivian Greene

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