November 30, 2020

How to improve Focus and Concentration

By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination

Focus is a skill that you can build up. This means that your focus can be trained and improved. It’s like learning anything else. If you wanted to improve at chess or at basketball, you’d practice, right? You must do the same with your focus.

Don’t assume that people who can focus well were born that way. I am an example of someone who had a poor focus and was able to improve it drastically. I am now quite skilled at directing my focus where I need it to achieve my goals. Without knowing what you should focus on, your energy will be spread out too thin, and you won’t make as much progress as you could. Here are 5 tips to improve focus

  1. A schedule is good for organizing the important categories of tasks you want to focus on. When you have a schedule, your focus will improve because you’ll know the important priorities you want to tackle before you even start your day.
  2. Keep in mind that focus and attention are limited resources. With limited attention, you will be more productive paying attention to one thing at a time, instead of spreading your focus thinly across different areas.
  3. Multi-tasking can be counterproductive because it usually requires switching between two or more tasks, over and over. It’s important to realize that every time you switch between tasks, you need to concentrate more to get your mind on the right track. This can exhaust your limited attention faster than is necessary.
  4. Action plans make a large task more manageable. Very large tasks can quickly become discouraging and even seem frightening. To have one to-do list item that can take days or weeks is disheartening. When you find yourself in this situation, make an action plan.
  5. Focusing is just as much about knowing what to focus on as it is knowing what not to focus on. By saying no to distractions, lower priority items, and things that are unnecessary to your goals, you can spend more of your focus and time where it counts.

Just remember that a key part of the learning process is putting what you read into practice.

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