September 30, 2019

How to stay Afloat in Economic Slowdown?

In the choppy economic scenario, India and the world, is going through, how do you as a professional or an employee protect yourself? One mantra what we can learn from the picture above is ‘stay calm outside… but keep working on yourself hard’

As we all know, India is going through the economic slowdown. Reduction in industrial productivity, layoffs and plant shutdown are the most common headlines seen in the media nowadays. This slowdown has not only created a serious challenge for the government but also have created difficulties for an organisation to run its business operations. On one hand there is no business revenue coming in and on the other hand, overheads are fixed or increasing.

In this scenario, professionals /employees are experiencing insecurity on their job front. Although there are no sure shot formula to protect their jobs during a recession, but being aware of what is happening within your organization, industry and geography and exploring various possibilities can certainly help you plan ahead of time to stay afloat in the choppy waters. So here are some tips, which may help you;

Accept the reality: It is advisable to accept reality. Instead, of worrying about what will happen to my job, think about what can I do for the organisation. How can I add value and give my best using my experience and expertise? Experienced professionals say that often people who wear multiple hats or shoulder multiple responsibilities tend to be on safer grounds.

Update & upgrade: whether slowdown or not, it is always advisable in today’s day and age to assess yourself, periodically. You and your skills set must be relevant to the changing business needs. You have to identify learning opportunities and invest your time, money and efforts, in the training courses, workshops to sharpen your skills or upgrade to higher ones. it is important to remain competitive during career transitions and acquire appropriate skills/knowledge for your present survival and future progress.

Image & Identity: remember, you are also a brand. A brand, who has to attract the attention of the professionals in the industry, including your next employer. You have to work on it consistently. Ask yourself questions like who are you? What have you achieved? What do people know you as? What do they talk about you? Use social media to showcase your experience, talent, achievements, rewards and recognition, so that it contributes to your image.

Networking that helps: work on your network. Add people from your past and present circles, who are on their growing path to your network. Expand it. They may be from your industry or competition. You can always have healthy and mutually beneficial relations that might help.

Know thyself: You may also evaluate options of freelancing or self-employment or launching a business or a start-up. To be sure about your decision and whether this career option is suitable for your core personality, you need to undergo the scientific process developed by Dheya Career Mentors Pvt. Ltd. There are tools available in the market which helps you in understanding your core personality scientifically. However, Dheya’s model of career success is the best I have come across. Dheya is a pioneer in the psychometric career guidance program, which is unique and indigenous. The structure and the process of this program help you understand your core personality, your abilities, strengths and help you map it with the career options. So you will come to know what king of career is most suitable to your core personality and most importantly what will keep you happy?

About Dheya Career Mentors (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Dheya Career Mentors (India) Pvt. Ltd is the pioneering organization in this field which has been helping parents and students for the last 12 years. Dheya is one of the most preferred psychometric partners to World Bank and United Nations, in India due to its customized psychometric tools which is developed in compliance to Indian norms.

Following are the strengths of Dheya which enhances the value and experience of career mentoring services;

  • In the career mentoring services, since 2006
  • Patented 7D Career development tool
  • Ongoing research on careers and the future world of work. Have over 22000 occupation choices in the data system to choose from
  • Robust infrastructure with artificial intelligence to handle large data
  • Have completed over 2.5 lacs psychometric tests across India
  • Strong network of over 1700 senior level professionals across India who have strong domain expertise in their respective fields, and trained in psychometric and career planning
  • Well-structured, step by step process, that helps in hand holding the child and navigate through the career roadmap
  • Strength-based methods and process
  • Based on principles of positive psychology
  • Personalised, one on one sessions with the child and the parents which ignites the child to aspire and achieve excellence in life., etc.

Written by Kiran Dixit,
Master Career Mentor with Dheya.
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