October 27, 2021

How to use Mentorship to Develop your Leadership Skills

Mentoring courses are clearly a valuable asset for young professionals. Gain industry experience and personal development and career advice. But what are the benefits of providing your experience and valuable time mentoring someone?

Mentors may not know them in vain because they are recognized experts in their field. However, mentoring can develop and improve communication and personal skills. Let’s consider the question of what makes a leader. An effective leader helps their team in growth and development and is often motivated by goals. If you look at this simple definition, there isn’t much difference between a leader and a mentor. However, how does mentoring an aspiring member of your industry help you become a better leader? Firstly, it is important to realise that as a mentor, you would take on the responsibility of guiding a young mind and shaping them into a professional. This helps you establish strong relationships with people from their circles, and indeed also helps them gain exposure to your social circles as well. Doing so will expose you to new ideas and different perspectives and practices for solving problems. This expands your network. As a mentor, your role as a credible and accomplished individual is being acknowledged. The more your mentee excels in their profession, as their mentor you also have a role in their performance. As a result, your reputation for leadership and guidance will invariably spread as well. Another point to note is that mentorship has a role in developing your soft skills; compassion, active communication, and most of all, empathy. Such skills come in handy when dealing with teams, or people in general, which bodes well for the development of leadership.

All in all, taking up the challenge of mentorship and guiding your mentee may have your best interests and mainly, help you become a better leader.

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