April 21, 2021

Impact of the cancellation of board exam 2021

With the second wave of coronavirus hitting India, and the cases are rising at high speed. Many students demanded cancellation of board exams, following these lakhs of students have also signed an online petition to cancel the exams.

Due to which the Central Government have cancelled the board exam for 10 and decided to postpone the exam for 12th std. Following these the Maharashtra state board have also decided to postpone the board exam till June.

Many students and parents are relieved from the tension to give exams despite the covid situation, but on the other hand this has created a lot of buzz around some students and their family. Because some students who have studied hard throughout the year despite online schooling and have pushed themselves hard to perform well in the exams are now stressed because of the alternative systems of marks calculation. Students believe that these systems can fluctuate the overall markings of them as compared to what they could score in the exams, as in the online mode students can cheat in the exams, or if grading is done on the basis of overall performance during the entire year results can fluctuate, because many students do not study the entire year and study at the last moment and score well. So it might happen that many students are overperforming while some students are below average. And this can hamper their career as the choice of stream is based on the interest as well as the marks of the students.

Talking about the 12th students, they are also concerned about the exams postponed till further notice, looking at the Covid situation it is very uncertain whether this exam will be conducted or not, Secondly, many students are preparing for the other entrance exams, with the 12th board exam be postponed creates a tension among students as they need time to prepare for their studies and now it is becoming difficult for them to concentrate on both the exams. Due to these students are very stressed whether they wil be able to make it to their exams or not. Whether they will be able to get admission in good college or not? Many students also plan to go abroad for further education, but due to exam cancellations, they are concerned about the marks and not able to focus on the entrance exams.

Such situation has an impact on the mental health of the students and their family members. Students can utilize this time to study and 10th grade students can also utilize this time by joining some courses related to the field in which they want to build their career

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