April 21, 2021

Is your child’s career development getting hampered by covid-19?

Corona virus has taken a huge turn again; the second wave has hit India on very massive scales. It has taken away lives, jobs, career of people. People are sitting unemployed with their degrees as well. The question is what should be actually done? Can we let this virus take over our lives and future so easily? As it is rightly said desperate times needs desperate measures, we need to take our responsibility. We cannot let this covid hamper our careers. Career skills and development is the best thing one can do in this crisis. Up gradation of skills, a technique has become the most important thing. Each student and person should be doing extra course to upgrade and update you. Covid can cancel the boards but not your skills. Parents and students are scared and doubtful about what their child’s future beholds, but are the parents and students prepared for the crisis?

It’s time that people become aware about the reality and actually do something to make a better future for them. Career is not about degrees and job it is about your personality, skills and development. The markets are filled with all the type of information and help you need, just search it the right way. Focus on how to gain proper career guidance and not just going with the herd mentality. Students need to understand that education won’t matter if they lack skills. Career development should be always ongoing.

Parents need to understand that in these crucial times when their child’s career is at a fix, a career guide can only help them with the right kind of path and development of skills. Market study has become a very essential tool before selecting a career for your child. A survey showed that children are aware of just seven career options — law, engineering, medicine, accounts and finance, design, computer applications and IT, and management. It’s time to take a hold of your careers, future and aim for excellence. The time has come for the survival of the fittest, and one needs to become strong and independent about his career choices and decisions. We need to allow ourselves to move ahead with the fear and achieve great heights through a better career guidance for our upcoming youth.

Focus, determination, hard work and awareness gets will get you the future you have always wished for.

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