March 10, 2022

Job Satisfaction: A Pillar of Productivity

A person’s job is one of the most fundamental aspects of their life. It is what makes us a functional part of society. It sustains them and provides security. It plays a huge role in building a person’s personality and is a major factor in our behavior. Hence, it tends to be one of the most important factors of an individual’s life. 

We spend most of our time at our jobs. Our approach and attitude towards it directly influence our performance. Hence, it is important to take a step back and evaluate the concept of job satisfaction, so that we approach it better and find satisfaction in our daily lives. 

What is Job Satisfaction? 

Job satisfaction is the general level of contentment that a person has towards their job. It mostly refers to the emotional response that a person has towards their professional surroundings based on factors that are favorable or unfavorable to them. 
Hoppock defined job satisfaction as any combination of psychological, physiological, and environmental circumstances that cause a person to say “I am satisfied with my job” without hesitation.  

This concept became prevalent after the increased economic activities in the 19th century.

Careers have emerged as much more than just a means of making a living. They became a way to lead a fulfilling and active life. A way to contribute to society. A determinant of self-esteem.  All these elements of a career predict job satisfaction. Although determined by external factors, it is an internal concept. It depends on the thought process and personality of the person.  

Why Is Job Satisfaction Important? 

Job satisfaction is an important determinant of job performance. If a person likes their job, naturally they can perform better in it. It plays a huge role in keeping productivity up and translates into better results by the employee. 

After the humanist revolution in administration, job satisfaction became an important factor in management. This approach thinks of the employees as human beings rather than just cogs in a machine. Elton Mayo conducted experiments that linked employee satisfaction with productivity, and ultimately the success of the organization. Apart from this, the employee himself is able to work for longer if they love their job. Caring about your job and having a good attitude towards it makes it enjoyable and fulfilling instead of tedious. 

This is why job satisfaction is something that both the individual and organization should aim for. It can be seen as a win-win situation that is favorable for both parties. 

Job Satisfaction Determinants

How to know if you are satisfied with your job? Some factors in a person’s profession determine how satisfied they will be with it. These should be considered while making decisions related to your career. 

  • Aptitude 

Aptitude is the ability of a person to do something. Having aptitude in whatever you’re doing is a good motivator. It gives the person confidence and leads to good judgment and decision making in the profession. And good results ensure that the employee enjoys his job and derives some amount of pleasure from it 

  • Remuneration 

The primary aim of most people is to make money from their job. Remuneration should match up with the work done by the employee. Both too much pay and too little pay will lead to a lopsided dynamic with the employer. It affects the motivation of the employee and may lead to unsatisfactory work. Bad remuneration can be very harmful for the organization 

  • Working conditions 

The general atmosphere or ambiance in the workplace affects the mood of the employee. The environment of the office is directly proportional to the productivity of a person. It should have a positive and motivating atmosphere that caters to the needs of the employee. For example, if the workplace is drab and boring, it acts as a huge barrier in the person’s ability to work. 

  • Challenges 

A job should match up to the abilities of the employees. It should be challenging enough to keep the employees intellectually stimulated. This will make them feel energetic and confident. Challenges play a huge role in a person’s pursuit of finding job satisfaction. 

  • Growth

A career should have good opportunities for growth. It should be dynamic in nature. Stagnation in one’s career is difficult to cope with. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide good career opportunities for the people working for them. 

  • Job security and benefits 

It is important for an employee to feel cared for. This means that they should not constantly worry about being fired. They should feel supported by their employees. Provident funds, insurance, bonuses, etc. are some of the ways to make sure that the employee feels like the organization has their back.

An employee relies on the management in his workplace to create favorable conditions for him. There are multiple factors that determine these conditions. But it is important to remember that satisfaction, of any kind, comes from within. Ultimately, it is about the attitude of the employee. The concept of job satisfaction is rooted in behaviorism and psychology.
This is why mental health issues are prevalent among working professionals.
Job satisfaction is very significant to the mental health of the employees. This is something that the management needs to consider when thinking about their employees and during the decision-making process.

All these factors apart, it is important to remember that the true root of job satisfaction of a job is the person’s personality. Trying to find job satisfaction in a field where you can’t use your complete potential in is pointless. This is why we at Dheya believe that a person irrespective of their age, needs to build a career plan that will help them excel not just financially but also mentally. We offer several career guidance and planning services for both students and professionals that help you know yourself better and help you unlock your ptoential.

– Saee Walkikar

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