April 6, 2022

Join the Indian Army and Live a Life Guided by Love For The Nation

What are the characteristics of a good career? It should pay well, it should be challenging, it should be fulfilling, it should be something that you are interested in and it should be exciting. Does this sound like a career that you want to pursue?
If yes, You need to join the Indian Army.

If there was more awareness about it as a career, more people would opt to join the Indian Army. Everyone can find a place in the Indian Army. There are levels of hierarchy and many different roles that an Indian Army officer can play. You could look at it as an exciting and adventurous career path. Or you could have non-combat roles in the different wings of Administration in the Army.  

How to Join The Indian Army? 

The best way to join the Army is to give the UPSC exam for admission into the National Defense Academy (NDA) Pune. After this, the candidate has to go through the SSB board interview and also pass the medical Board. These interviews are quiet though and test various aspects of the candidate’s personality. There are also certain physical requirements that the candidate has to fulfill. After this selection procedure, 350 candidates are selected for NDA. There, they train for 3 years to join the Army. They are also given a Bachelor’s Degree from JNU. This is the best way to join the army because NDA students are held in high regard. This gives the cadet a good base for the rest of his career. 

Another way is through the Technical Entry Scheme (TES). The candidate can apply with the help of JEE exams. They will get admitted into OTA Gaya. Here, they will train for 5 years in order to get permanent commission.
Technical and Non-technical graduates can also apply by giving the UPSC exam. The candidate can also serve in the NCC in order to apply for the IMA. Ultimately, in order to get commissions as an officer in the Indian army, the candidate needs to train at Indian Military Academy (IMA) Dehradun.  

Indian Army for girls 

Girls who are interested in joining the Indian army can do so through various channels. The introduction of women officers in combat and admitting them into the NDA is currently a highly debated issue. It was only in the 1990s that women were allowed into the Indian army. Even now, there are only certain positions that women are allowed to have in the Army. Girls can join the NDA and follow the same procedure. They can give the UPSC, SSB and pass the medical Board. Then they will train at the Academy for 3 years and IMA for 1 year before getting commissioned.

Graduates can also give the UPSC and then apply to OTA Chennai to train for 4 years. They can also apply to OTA Chennai after serving in the NCC for  2-3 years and giving the certification exam. They can also get commission for Short Service (SSC), after getting an engineering degree and applying to OTA directly. Even though it is unconventional for women to become Army officers, many young and energetic girls think of joining the Army. They have to face many challenges in doing so. But it is still a good career option. 

Training to Join the  Indian Army 

The Indian Army Training Academies have been functioning for years. They invest a lot of effort and resources in training their cadets. They are trained to be the fittest, most competent young professionals. The cadets have to go through rigorous academic and physical training. They are taught discipline and manners. They are taught the values and principles of living. Training for the Indian Army builds character. It tests the physical and psychological limits of the cadet. They graduate as well trained, well mannered, fine young gentlemen. People who graduate from these academies are the best, most spirited youngsters. This is the reason why it is a privilege to get into these academies. They train you to be your best self. 

Career in the Indian Army 

There are many wings in the functioning of the Indian Army. But most officers in the army are very fairly compensated. The officers that are involved in combat have a unique career. It is adventurous and thrilling. It’s also a very noble and inspiring profession. The feeling of doing something substantive for your country is indescribable. Army officers are posted at many scenic locations. Joining the Indian Army is your chance to be guided by your patriotism, love and dedication for our country. 

– Saee Walkikar

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