I am Frogman

Who Is Frogman?

A Frogman is someone who is trained in scuba diving or swimming underwater in a tactical capacity that includes police or military work. Such personnel are lso known by combat diver, combatant diver or combat swimmer.

In the U.S military & intelligence community, divers trained in scuba or CCUBA (closed circuit scuba) who deploy for tactical assault missions are called combat divers.


MARCOS, previously named as Marine Commando Force (MCF) ,
is the special forces unit of the Indian Navy created for conducting special operations.
The force has gradually acquired experience and a reputation for professionalism over
the three decades it has been in existence.


  • All MARCOS personnel are males selected from the Indian Navy. they are selected whenthey are in their early 20s & have to go through a stringent selection process & training . American & British special forces assisted in the initial training, which now consists of a two- year course for new recruits.
  • Training regiment includes- Airborne operations, combat diving courses, counter- terrorism, anti- hijacking, anti-piracy, dierect action, infilteration & exfilteration tactics, special recon – naissance, unconventional warfare training etc.
  • MARCOS train along with the special forces officers of the Indian Army like the Para commandos at the Indian Special Forces Training school, Nahan & Army’s other schools for unconventional warfare.


  • Belgaum- Karnataka

  • The Parvat Ghatak School in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Desert Warfare School , Rajasthan.

  • The High Altitude Warfare School, Kashmir

  • Counter- insurgency & Jungle warfare School, Mizoram


3 day long physical
fitness test & aptitude test.

80% of
applicants are screened out.

The total duration of training
of MARCOS is between 2 ½ to 3 years.


  • Conduct clandestine attack against enemy ships, offshore installations and other vital assets behind enemy lines.
  • To support amphibious operations including pre- assault operations.
  • To conduct unconventional welfare.
  • Conduct of surveillance & recce missions in support of military operations.
  • Conduct of clandestine diving operations.
  • To conduct hostage rescue operations in maritime environment.
  • Combating terrorism in a maritime environment.