The Platform: Dheya’s Intellectual Property & Research

Ongoing research for more than 16 years . Indigenously designed and highly reliable psychometric assessments. A study of more than 600 career families that link 22000 occupations. Study of 300+ education streams. An algorithm that links the person’s strengths to career families.

Nation Wide Community of Career Mentors

Dheya works on a community concept of senior professionals trained on Dheya’s tools of psychometrics as well as occupational data. The entire community works on Dheya’s principles and values of nurturing individuality to enable happy careers, fulfilling lives leading to a productive nation.

The Process : Personalised & Documented One On One Sessions

All the sessions of Dheya are personalised , one on one sessions, fully documented in specially designed workbooks and takes into consideration 13 factors prior to suggesting career direction and planning the career.

Dheya’s Core Beliefs & Philosophy

We believe that  each individual is unique and holds unique talent and strengths. Hence each individual needs to be dealt with differently. Also career development is not a one time processes it requires a log term hand holding  approach while helping the child achieving  high quality career milestones.

Positive Psychology & Strength Based Career Development

DHEYA’S 7 D Model and a strength based approach in its processes has created wonders. Dheya has been the pioneer in developing processes aligned to positive psychology. Dheya’s strengths-based movement has been gaining momentum over recent years with its benefits impacting the lives of their clients.

Not just guidance but life-long hand-holding – “Mentor For Life”

At Dheya we work with parents and their child as “partners in success”. The concept of mentor for life is a structured process right from the basics of career decision making to the highly structured advanced mentoring / hand-holding process through life.