August 2, 2020

Legal Careers In Commerce

The sessions started with Anand Laxmanan, where he introduced the other speaker and the students who achieved their goal in this field. 

Onkar Kanbarkar took over the session, where he explored about the Law and the reason behind it to select it as you career. He helped the kids on how the law can be pursued after 12th or after graduation, and how does it make difference every detail was put into it. He covered many points like Scope of the Law, Inhouse lawyers, Sub Fields in law like Ligation, what is the mode of work? And Non-Litigation work, which is done very rigorously, as juniors are not allowed to handle the clients alone.  

Hierarchy of litigation and non-litigation was disclosed. He guided the teens with the courses provided by the institutions. Gave real life examples of current reputed individuals with their experience.  

Further the session was being continued by Ishaan who shared his journey, of how he got to know about his strengths, and how he skilled up his skills, and achieve his goal with the help of Dheya. Also guided the youth by the courses available and must do internship to build your career in this. He shared his experience of internship journey and that is where he found his interest in which field of law, he wants to make his career. He also mentioned that there are various opportunities in law like sports law space law, etc. 

The session was further continued by Rudra Deosthali, he is pursuing his 5th year of law. He guided the youth by taking their decision with an open mind. He shared his experience and his journey in this field. How he was influenced by this field and how is experiencing it in this field. He helped the audience what exams they need to crack to take admission in various institutions. He also cleared some myths about the law. 

The session was concluded with a quite brief detailed discussion with the lawyers. 


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