What to do after 10th?

Big Decision : How to Select Stream , Course and Career

Mega event for careers after 10th started with Commander Naveen Badrinarayan addressing some very important questions –

What is a career? Is it getting an education and then finding a job?

No. A career a path you choose to take in life.
As the session progressed, he stated that children should be allowed to choose their own careers.

All of us want to have a good career where we feel respected, confident and free. It is possible to have extraordinary careers when we choose them for ourselves, play by our natural strengths and pave the road to success.

Planning career early gives one more time to grow professionally. As one learns own strengths and interests early, the exploration of opportunities becomes easier. Instead of getting into a work-life with little clue as to which direction to go in, one is sure of what he/she wants to achieve and how to achieve it.  Equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviour along with self-awareness, the transition from student to professional becomes smoother.

With proper guidance and help, one can explore and have a better chance at professional development and success. Dheya’s assessment tools and lifelong mentoring are there to help you to bridge the gap between your present and your future.

Career in Science and Technology with Math

This session included presentations by Dr. Madan Kumar Singh, Mr. Veenayagam TV, Mr. Vihar Bhagwat and Mr. Shailesh Dhume, and moderated by Ms. Viji Pashupathy. The topics for discussion were fundamental sciences and research, engineering and technology, and architecture.

Fundamental Sciences & Research Career

The first topic was fundamental sciences and research careers, presented by Dr. Madan Kumar Singh, along with Cdr Naveen Badrinarayan. They informed about research careers in science such as fundamental sciences, earth sciences, archaeology, life sciences, space. They also talked about institutes like IISER, ISRO that provide high value education and good infrastructure. It is a highly intellectual field that offers problem-solving, innovation, creation and application. For an academically inclined individual, this is a field with huge number of opportunities and is always in high demand.

Careers In Engineering & Technology

The second session was conducted by Mr. Shailesh Dhume who talked about engineering and technology.  It is a field that offers a variety of opportunities in innovation, design, construction, and manufacturing. It a field full of activity and in demand in India as well as abroad. He also talked about the educational qualifications required for each of the areas of engineering and discussed the future scope for the field regarding technological advancements.


The next discussion was about architecture, held by Mr. Vihar Bhagwat, who talked about innovations in architecture as a field. He started with defining architecture and design. He explained the evolution of the field towards sustainable architecture. He also talked about technology integration and current trends in architecture, along with energy conservation. Furthermore, he added various career profiles in the field and discussed educational qualifications, courses and exams. The skills required are creativity, ability to explain your ideas, detail orientation.

Career in Science and Technology with Biology


This topic was introduced to us by Mr. Nitin Raithatha.

He started off by asking why one wants to become a doctor. He explained various types of doctors a person studying medicine can become, the education path post 10th std, and the career options post MBBS degree. He then also added that by combining other degrees with MBBS one can get wider exposure and career options. He discussed various medical colleges, AYUSH, and NEET exam. He also discussed various other careers in the health care industry like nursing, paramedic, pharmacy, etc.

He described the current health scenario according to WHO and discussed a book named ‘To Err Is Human’, which focuses on the mistakes and errors that take place in this industry. He then informed about the components of the care pathway and the factors that make one seek medical help. Lastly, he explained NPSIF with the help of a comparative study of public vs private healthcare services.

Medical Healthcare Career Opportunities: Beyond The Obvious

This part of the presentation was presented to us by Mr. Ajay Aiyar. He is a career and life coach, who is vastly experienced in coaching students.

He first introduced this topic by discussing career options in healthcare for those who are not able to get a seat in a medical college. He explained job profiles like dietician/nutritionist, nurses, radiology lab assistants, medical equipment supplier, biomedical engineer, chefs at the hospital, etc. He then showed us a graph of the avg. life expectancy and the healthcare spending comparison of India and US. He informed that medicine industry is huge and offers career options that do not require studying medicine or science. For eg., life insurance personnel, hospital administration staff, etc. He also mentioned required qualities such as credibility, expertise, excellence, etc.


The last part of the presentation was presented by Dr. Padma Sahu.
She is a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science from IIT Kharagpur and has been in this industry for more than 15 years.

She started her presentation by explaining what exactly the Agriculture sector consists of and the career options available. She then discussed the basic education requirements to pursue a career in this stream. She introduced famous personalities who have made a mark in this industry and the revolutions they brought. She briefly explained the career options one can pursue in this field and the future scope in each career option.

Career in Arts

Arts is a field where people get numerous opportunities, its just not for people who are artists but it is for people who have creative minds, who love to explore different careers in depth and who think out of the box. Gone are those days when arts were taken by students who scored less. Pursue something which you love to.

This presentation was introduced to us by the moderator of this section, Mr. Ravi Shankar Denduluri.

Career as a writer

The presentation was started by Ms. Amrita Priya, who is a writer, freelancer and has a vast experience in this field.

She introduced us to this career option by briefing us firstly about who is a writer and what he does. She then went on to tell us what the basic education requirements for a person are to pursue his career in writing and which careers should he/she do, and which colleges offer them across India. She then told us about the various jobs we all can get if pursue writing, like journalist, technical writer, editor, etc., and what is the scope of each job in market and future, and the career scope of writer as a whole. At the last she described the various qualities which a person should possess to pursue a career in writing.

Career as a teacher

The next part of the presentation was been presented to us by Mr. Amol Salunkhe.

He introduced us to this presentation by telling us about the evolution of Education Industry from Stone Age to Imagination Age, and then he told us about the global education and training expenditure, with the help of a graph. He then broadly differentiated teaching in 3 parts, teacher, principal, and mentor and then explained us about the skill sets each person should possess. He then went on to explain more about a mentor and the impact of a mentor on the society. He then gave us examples of global mentors and influential people, who have brought in a change in the education industry as a whole. He ended the session by letting ask questions regarding this career option.

Law and Legal Services

This presentation was being given by Mrs. Manisha Sahoo.

She started off by making us understand what exactly does law career comprise of and briefed us the various types of laws present, and how we can do our specialization in any of those laws like international law, administration law, criminal law, patent laws, etc. She then told us about how we can enter this field and what are educational requirements for a student to pursue a career in law.  She then explained us about the career scope of law, and types of practices we can choose post studying law like becoming an advocate, in house counsel, advisory council, etc. Post the presentation, she then answered to the questions that were asked by the students during the session.

Social Work

This presentation was delivered by Mrs. Bhavana Thakkar.

Bhavana Ma’am started with what a social worker does in real. Then she explained about the large sector where these people work. Ma’am explained how social working a full-time profession for someone can be. Moving ahead towards to the educational part ma’am explained that there are full time and distance learning available in different colleges and different degrees one can opt for. Furthermore, Ma’am explained how soft skills are important for people in this profession. Ma’am explained about different NGOs, CSR. Then she explained about different occupations. Ma’am told about few famous social workers and their work. Later, Ravi explained about Social Entrepreneur giving a brief idea of who can become a social entrepreneur.