October 23, 2018

Mid-Career Crisis does not Discriminate…!

A mid-career crisis can happen to anyone. It can hit even those who objectively have the most fulfilling jobs. When it happens, it causes pain for the individual and cause productivity loss for employers. Mid-career crisis just happens, leaving crucial questions unanswered.

What are the causes?

Why does this malaise seem to strike in mid-life?

How can one shake themselves loose from this crisis?

In reality Mid-career crisis is a widespread regularity, rather than a misfortune of a few individuals. This crisis occurs across the entire socio-economic spectrum, hitting senior-level executives as well as blue-collar workers and stay-at-home parents. It affects childless couples as well as single people or parents of four. In short, a mid-career crisis does not discriminate.

But here’s the good news: After the dip in mid career, there is again great amount of job satisfaction, in many cases reaching even higher levels than earlier in the career — essentially forming a U-shaped curve.

While a mid-career crisis can be a painful and challenging time in life, it can also be an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate personal strengths and weaknesses. Half the battle is won if one becomes aware of the realities. After awareness only thing remaining is a good action plan.

We need to tackle this issue by tacking our belief systems. Our belief systems are much deep rooted and operate at sub conscious level. We therefore need expert tools and techniques to introspect;

  1. The first belief is, to identify, that we have an infinite possibilities, some possibilities may be concrete tangible achievements or some could be private dreams or innate passion.
  2. The second belief is about changing careers or renewing a career, which means changing ourselves. It is not about switching one identity for another but rather a transition process in which we reconfigure ourselves to the full set of possibilities.

If you can relate to this article then you may want to see the offering by Dheya Career Mentors (India) Pvt. Ltd. Their mid career transition program ‘Dheya Revive’ is for all mid career professionals who want to understand themselves better. Dheya Revive (mid-career planning & guidance) offers process based recombining and re-anchoring, and the solution is not a “job change” but “Self Creation” into being what you want to be.

Before you discard this thought ask yourself ‘ When was the last time you invested time and energy in understanding yourself “  Today may be the day …. Good luck and Happy Careers to all.

Kiran Dixit
Dheya Master Mentor

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