Case Study- Mid Career Transition

A businessman managed to improve productivity by narrowing down the focus


A 45-year-old businessman, owning a medium-sized business organization with having turnover in the range of INR 300-500 crores is in expansion mode. This business is his family’s legacy and he is third generation businessman. Being a family-owned and managed business, he is looking into all aspects of business operations along with other family members.

He already realized that to bring sustainability to the business, he needs to keep pace with the changing times and market dynamics. He also decided to go into digital transformation and professional management. He had already started taking action on this front.

Mid-Career Dilemma:

Given that change is inevitable, and the change had begun on many fronts, he was concerned about how should he improve his individual productivity. What changes are needed so that he can avoid overlapping activities and save time for some other productive and important tasks? What are his core personality and what aspect of his business he should focus on for individual, professional & business growth? Also, how to bring balance into work-life balance?

Dheya Revive Impact:

So, this businessman approached with a very open mind and curiosity about how Dheya Revive can help him achieve his objective.

I personally spoke to him, probed, and understood the core concerns and objectives of doing this exercise.

I explained to him the process and structure of the mid-career program and how the customization can happen to align the program to his personal needs.

Now he was fully convinced and wanted to enroll in this program as soon as possible. He registered and gave the test and his report was out. In spite of his busy schedule, we decided to schedule the session for one evening at a mutually convenient time.

The session was fantastic and very engaging. We touched upon many aspects of his business / professional life. Personal life. How it is impacting each other. We also discussed at length, the business environment he is operating in and what are the challenges involved in his business. We also dwelled upon internal and external challenges within the organization.

We discussed his strengths, his experience, and expertise. Being a businessman for many years he had developed expertise in very wide areas of business operations. We spent a good amount of time prioritizing it using a knowledge–skill inventory model.

Changing jobs or careers was not a question in this case. However, with the great engagement, we narrowed down the focus from multiple activities to a few activities where this businessman can focus.

We decided to meet again for the second round of the session after 7 days. As a part of homework, Businessman agreed to go back to his drawing board and analyze if the recommended career moves were good for him and how they would impact his personal, and professional life, and overall business.

We met again, this person was very happy and excited to share his findings from the analysis and research. We concluded the session after conducting the rest of the Dheya tools of career planning and guidance.

Today, we are still in touch and this businessman never gets tired of thanking me and Dheya for helping him chalk out a strategic move in his career.

In business, I believe, embracing change with proactiveness and an open mind keeps you ahead of others.

I am very happy that Dheya Revive has helped this person achieve his career goals and proved that this product is very effective for all mid-career professionals, irrespective of whether you are an employee or a business owner.