Case Study- Midlife Career Change

A global Senior management professional found his passion to pursue at the age of 48 years

This person is very well qualified and has worked in a leading organization in his professional life. He has over 25 years of experience. Thanks to his merits and good performance he progressed fast and landed in the global market. Working with people from different countries and different cultures.

He has traveled globally and attended many international trainings relevant to his domain expertise.

As a director– Technology, he was enjoying eight digits salary and the perks. He had established himself successfully in his domain and other people in his company and industry consider him a successful person.

Mid-Career Dilemma:

Though this person was considered to be a successful professional, he mostly lacked enjoyment in his career. He always felt that he is destined for something else, however, didn’t know what. He also used to shake off his thought of doing anything else as he was doing well and was happy with his comfort zone.

In the recent past, he also developed the guilt that he is not able to maintain a work-life balance due to his demanding role in his company. He also used to feel that enough of this hectic work life and should quit everything to take care of his aged parents and family.

Question in mind was what next? What career path is good for me? How do I maintain my work-life balance, enjoy what I do and still earn good money?

Dheya Revive Impact:

This person came to know about Dheya Revive, a mid-career program to assist middle-aged professionals above 35 years of age. This program aims at working with mid-career professionals to understand their strengths, experience, and domain expertise, and how we can leverage the same in order to revive the focus and pursue a career path that leads to a happy and well-balanced career.

So, in this case, this gentleman gave his psychometric test. This was the personality strength that revealed his personality strengths. Dheya also collected his CV for a better understanding of his professional experience and domain expertise.

In the session, which lasted for more than 3 hours, we understood every detail of his work life and family life. We also noted many points which were concerning him. We applied Dheya’s structured and powered tools to make him realize where he stands, what are his core strengths, how to prioritize his wish list, etc. the session was very engaging and insightful as per the client.

We understood his work preferences, and values and spent a lot of time detailing his knowledge–skill inventory. As we were progressing in our session, it was becoming interesting. This professional started getting clarity into what are his real problems, priorities, and strengths. We connected it with possibilities and requested him to conduct research on the career possibilities discussed.

We met again in just 7 working days. It is advisable for professionals in this program to revert within 7 days for better impact and results.

So, in the second session, he was somewhat clear as to what should be his next career move. However, with the help of Dheya’s proprietary tools, he became confident in his choices.

With a well-crafted career plan for the next 10+ years and a well-balanced transition plan, he soon transitioned into his new identity as a Businessman in the Retail Industry. From technology, and the B2B sector to Retail businessman, was the transition he smoothly experienced in his transition plan. He also got into launching his consultancy service in his technical domain as a part-time activity.

Today he is a very happy professional managing his retail business and part-time consultancy. He already has started expansion in his region.

In life, many of us get stuck due to confusion. However, when you get clarity of what you have to do next, then the only thing required is focused action. That’s what he did and enjoying the fruits of success. One more case, where Dheya Revived the life of a professional.