August 2, 2020

Non-Academic Careers!

The session started with our moderator of the session, – James George. He shared his experience in brief. He introduced the speaker, – Wg Cdr. Rahul Deshpande, helped the audience by his brief introduction to the topic- Non-Academic Careers

Wg Cdr. Rahul Deshpande took over the session. He started with the topic Career Opportunities in Civil Aviation. He briefed about the history of civil aviation in India. He disclosed the key players in this field, like, – DGCA, CISF, and many more. He also explained in detail about the work role of pilot, cabin crew, AAI, and many more things. He explored on the topics Scheduled and Non-Scheduled operators in detail. 

The session concluded with a detailed discussion on how one can make a non-academic career. The question answering session went quite interesting at the end. 

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