Psychometrics Assessment for Teachers

Do we really know ourselves well? Or are we influenced by what we hear about us from our near and dear ones!!

In today’s education system, competition is huge and comparison reigns supreme in the minds of all students, teachers as well as parents. An unbiased system to identify and analyse the strengths of each individual is, therefore, the need of the hour.  The teachers and faculty need to know themselves well to understand and guide the students in school.  This will also facilitate each person to understand their own strengths and accordingly develope oneself to be happy in life by aligning themselves to the right roles in work.


Agreement signing between School and Dheya.

Pre-Assessment Orientation Workshop.

Assessment.( Paper-Pencil/ Online/ Mobile App/ Audio-Based/ Vernacular)

Post-Assessment Report Explanation Workshops to Principals, Senior Faculty & Trustees.

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Test Features


  • Strength factor.
  • Behaviour pattern.


  • Pre-assessment workshop.
  • Post-assessment workshop.
  • Orientation for teachers.

All Modes

  • Online web-based.
  • Mobile app based.
  • Paper pencil based.
  • Multi-language support.

Development Focus

  • Understanding stress level.
  • Job alignment.

Report to School

  • As per guidelines of  different school boards.

Outcome of Test

  • Strength Inventory – Basic Personality Traits (goal setting style, management style, compliance to rule, responsibility duty boundness, people orientation, delegation style etc,…)
  • Stress Identification ( personal stress, professional stress, Relationship-Based stress…)
  • Motivation Levels in the present situation, How the person behaves under stress and general happiness index in the last 2-3 years.
  • Identification of  impersonation

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