Career Guidance for Working Professionals

Usually people come to us
in one of the following situations

Dissatisfied, Unhappy with Existing career?

 Current job not giving opportunities to grow?

 Filled with entrepreneurial spirit?

Potential is under-utilized in present job.

Growing Career Anxiety despite of Good education?

Career decision based on educational qualification.

Sad and life is passing by without purpose

Took a career decision out of societal pressure?

We help Early Career Professional to discover Meaningful Work and pursue their purpose.

Now, with an example, we will tell you how Career Guidance for Working Professionals works.

At 29 years old, with a few years of work experience under her belt, Sejal found herself at crossroads. Her current job isn’t letting her grow as a person. It’s turning her into another part of a corporate machine instead of helping her fulfill her true potential.  

Sejal knew she had to do something about this. She felt like she had lost herself in this job and with this daunting realization, she starts a journey of rediscovering herself.  

On this journey, she finds Dheya Career Mentors and her life takes a completely new turn. Let us all go through how Sejal found the career she was meant for with Dheya. 

Psychometric Assessment

The first step in her journey of finding a new career was to introspect. She solved Dheya’s Psychometric assessment to do this. With the help of this test, Sejal was able to look at herself from a completely new perspective. She understood her strengths and how they complimented her passion and personality.

Meeting her Mentor .

In the first session with her mentor, Sejal and her mentor aligned the results of her psychometric assessment with reality. They discussed her aspiration, value system, life style goal, career preferences, personal responsibility and liabilities and her financial goals.

Like any good mentor would do, Dheya’s mentor gave Sejal a bit of homework. With the help of a few exercises, she was able to visualize a clear picture of her future.

Building a Fool-Proof Plan.  

In her second meeting with her mentor, Sejal was able to elaborate more on what she wanted to do. They immediately started putting together a plan for her future. 

Her mentor helped her understand the importance of the implementation of this plan. While, the whole process of finding her true calling was exhilarating, starting a completely new career always has its own challenges.  

Most importantly:
Sejal began to act

She knew she had found a new purpose. She put in blood, sweat, and tears for this new career path. Despite having to put in an endless amount of effort for this career, Sejal never looked back. She knew she had found her true purpose and she will succeed in pursuing it.

Day after day, month after month, Sejal saw her dream turning into a reality. There were ups and downs in her journey but she knew that she’ll always have a mentor behind her back.

Despite her surroundings and all the challenges, Sejal embraced her true self. What are you waiting for? 

In three to four weeks, Sejal learned about herself as an individual and where she wants to go. She discovered ways to build a career that resonates with her passions and talents with our career guidance.

Dheya Cast-Off: Get on the programme to Rediscover Yourself!

  • Psychometric report with Career Transition Plan blueprint.

  • Career Transition to Areas of Expertise and Interest combined as per own priorities

  • Career Transition Plan to enable a Happy Career and Fulfilled life
  • Duration: 4 to 6 Hrs of Engagement in multiple session. Depending on complexity on individuals

  • 1 Year Mentor support after the program.

17500 +18% GST

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