This session included Dr. Dhaarna Bharadwaj and Dr. Aruna Kulkarni as presenters and Shanmugapriya Gnanasekaran as the moderator.  

Dr. Dharna Bharadwaj started the session by introducing what a career in psychology is. She explained the need for psychology in today’s world. She then discussed various areas of psychology and contemporary and futuristic careers in the field. She also clarified the job roles and profiles in different areas of psychology. Furthermore, she added the educational qualifications related to these areas. She mentioned some of the famous psychologists and their work in the field. She also gave information about related institutes.  

In the next presentation, Dr. Aruna Kulkarni explained what psychology is. She exclaimed that it is a deep and interesting field. She explained the role of the psychologist and talked about client confidentiality, non-judgement, empathy, patience and unconditional acceptanceShe discussed the role and remunerations of psychologists in various areas in psychologyShe also discussed various institutes for clinical psychologyShe also talked about different therapies as a preventive measure.