August 1, 2020

Research & Analysis Careers In Finance

The session started with Sumit Sinha; he introduced our speaker Sudiptaa Paul Choudhary. 

Sudiptaa Started her session with introducing the audiences with warm greetings. She gave a brief about her journey and how she was being guided by her parents and grandparents.  

She explained the importance of Research and Analysis in Finance field. She also mentioned that Finance is the backbone of every market and economy. She explored on the topic of futuristic career options in finance and banking. She explained about the topics like, – Investment Banking activities, World’s largest Investment Banks. Also, she provided some information on education and career path to become an investor banker. 

Moving on Equity Research Analyst topic was covered, like what are the skills required, job opportunities, education, PayScale, career, etc. Also, the difference between invest banker and ER (Equity Research) was explained. 

One more new topic was explained, i.e. Actuarial Scientists (AS), which is all about calculating money related risks. Difference between Life Actuary and Non- Life Actual Finance was been explained.  What it takes to be Actuarial Scientists? All the required points were covered. Future of Operational research and career path in it were explained. She covered the Economics field and Market Research also, how it is vast in our career. 

She provided the information of all the institutions who are providing the right skills to build your career in these fields. Gave some examples of Business gurus in this world. And mentioned that engineering is just not end of your career decision. 

The session was concluded by answering a lot of questions, which were raised by the audiences / students to acquire this field as their career. 

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