August 1, 2020

Research Based Careers in Arts

This session included Nikita Desai, Usha Karimpanakkil, and Nitin Raithatha as the presenters and Sandya Jadhav as the moderator. The session began with Nikita Desai presenting on development studies. She discussed various aspects of development studies such as research, problem-solving, creating development plans, implementing them etc. She talked about social and developmental research. She then talked about the functions of research and the skills required in the field such as empathy, technical skills, critical thinking, analysis, negotiating etc. She talked about volunteering, participating in think tanks, internships, fellowships and reading material for personal development for the field. According to her, passion for a cause plays a key role. The work environment can be challenging, but provides a way for personal growth.  

The next presenter was Usha Karimpanakkil, who talked about consumer research. She began with explaining the concept of consumer researchIt is applicable in every industry. It includes field work as well as office work. She explained the personality characteristics required for the work such as communication skills, result-orientation, process following etc. She mentioned career advancement opportunities in the field. She also talked about necessary skills and education. She gave a brief view of future scope and demand for the field.  

This topic was followed by sociological research, with Mr. Nithin RaithathaHe explained various types of research. He then shed light on the career options in the field. He then talked about previous research in sociology that have helped in social and tribal development. Sociology incorporates all fieldsHe also explained the educational path for a career in sociology, along with essential skills and personality characteristics. He then shared his experience in working in the field of sociology.  

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