August 1, 2020

Research Based Futuristic careers in Science

In this session, Dr. Arnab Das talked about the earth and fundamental sciences, with K S Malathi as the moderator. He started the session by explaining underwater domain awareness (UDA) in terms of corporate, environment, scientific inputs. He discussed the framework for underwater domain awareness (UDA). He also talked about the challenges in this field. He emphasized on a multidisciplinary approach in research. He discussed various projects and opportunities coming up in India in the field. He then proceeded to explain the educational path to a futuristic career in scientific research.  

This topic was followed by a discussion on astronomy, conducted by Arsh Nadkarni. He talked about how he developed an interest in astrophysics and astronomy. He explained the educational qualifications required to pursue a career in the field. He discussed the areas under study in astronomy and the mode of work. He listed down various career options and roles in the field. Towards the end of the session, he talked about some of the misconceptions about astronomers and their work and shared his experiences and insights as an astrophysicist.  

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