August 2, 2020

Services Based Careers In Finance

The session started with our speaker – Meena Murugappan. There was quite good response from the audience on her greeting. She started with the basic need and understanding in the field of Services Based Careers in Finance. 

The agenda and overview of the finance field was been explained. In Banking and Financial services, she mentioned how our Indian economy is going to grow by 2025. Structure of Banking Industry was explained in detail, where Scheduled Commercial Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Cooperative Banks, NBFCs all the points were covered.  

She started with Financial Service Industry, where she elaborated the options within Other Financial Intermediaries.  In Insurance industry, there are different companies which she related. 

Careers in Financial Service were introduced like, – Financial Banking, Wealth Creation, Business Valuations and many more. Hierarchy was interpreted from junior management to senior management. Insurance Industry Hierarchy was presented with detail information, from Advisor to Zonal Manager/ Branch Manager to CEO/ Finance head, etc. 

Light was thrown on Digitalization in the BFSI Sector, Apps, AI and Automation, UPI, Blockchains, etc. Skills need to thrive in this sector were listed out, where we can have two to three combinations of those skills. Few careers in finance and qualification (Graduation, PG, Special Certification Courses) were disclosed for different job roles. She also pointed out how to enhance the skills required in this field to acquire it as a career. She also revealed BFSI new job roles present. 

She set out the great examples of the people who started their career in very basic level, and now they have moved out to senior / CEO level position. On request from the audience she also helped them out by providing the links and list of few institutions who provide to upgrow your skills. 

The session was concluded by answering the queries from the youth. 

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